Wednesday, June 20, 2012


In this area behind our neighborhood, they have been cutting down all the trees, most of which is Kiawe.  We don't know why, have heard rumors of a wind farm or a tree farm.  I don't find the Kiawe trees very pretty, but as it turns out, the inner wood is quite appealing.


  1. the inner wood is beautiful! is it a native to hawaii?

  2. No, it was brought here. It does well in harsh conditions and consequently it does well here.

  3. I was reading up a bit on Kiawe and came across this quote that I find intriguing. It's in reference to the Kiawe tree that was brought to did not have thorns, but the Kiawe trees now, do have thorns.

    "A seed grown tree would have retained the memory of all it had ever been thereby giving it the potential to have thorns" ~Neil Logan