Monday, May 27, 2013

Ball Camp, Knoxville

Had to head east recently as my dear dear Grandmother passed away. One stop was in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I had not been there in ages.  The town had changed quite a bit in the decades since I had visited  becoming quite metropolitan however, there was one little area that really had not changed too much... Ball Camp.  This little area has a lot of family history for me. Ball Camp Baptist Church sits on land that was donated by my Grandmother's Uncle. My Grandmother lived next door to the church as a child with her brother and parents and then later my father lived in the same house with his parents and grandparents.  That house is no longer there, but the cemetery is on the other side of the church.  My Mother and I walked through and found family headstones while my Father talked to the Preacher.  I have always found cemeteries peaceful...Ball Camp Cemetery is no exception. This tiny cemetery just off the road was probably the place I found the most peace during this trip.

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